A Fairy Tale Romance: Ronaldo’s Everyday Life and His Love Story with a Poor Girl

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, once had to set aside her studies to make a living by working as a saleswoman. Her life took a dramatic turn with the arrival of the football superstar.

The love story between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez is often compared to a fairy tale by fans and the media. Ronaldo transformed Rodriguez’s life, elevating her from a humble saleswoman to a widely admired figure.

Rodriguez, who had a challenging childhood, faced her first major life shock at 16 when her mother, Ana, passed away suddenly. Her father, Jorge, struggled with severe depression and withdrew from social life, leaving Rodriguez to fend for herself. She learned English and secured a job at a Gucci store. It was there, in this unlikely setting, that the “Cinderella” met her prince, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Ronaldo makes me fascinated by his height, body and beauty. I trembled in front of Ronaldo and suddenly a light flashed,” Rodriguez told the  Daily Mail.

After this unexpected meeting, the two had the opportunity to meet again a few days later at an event of another brand and it was at this time that the two had the opportunity to talk in a relaxed atmosphere. .

Talking about the superstar boyfriend, Rodriguez once shared that she admires him very much. “His height, body, and beauty caught my attention. I trembled in front of him even though I was shy. He was a person that just a glance made me. moving”.

Rodriguez realized that Ronaldo was kind and very caring. “The way Cristiano treated me, cared for me and loved me made us fall in love quickly.”

After becoming Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez could not continue to do her old job. She was asked to quit her job because her boss was afraid that the paparazzi’s presence would scare away customers. She got another job, but she also had to stop working when journalists posing as clients approached her.

Entertainment - The 'fairy' love story between the daily life of the player Cristiano Ronaldo and the poor girl

The sweet 5-year love story of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez.

Before publicly dating her “Cinderella” Rodriguez, CR7 made a lot of noise after breaking up with supermodel Irina Shayk. Ronaldo got into a lot of rumors about love after “everyone went their separate ways” with Shayk, one of which was the question of dating a gay guy…

The love story “fairy” in the middle of life is even more beautiful when just a few months of dating, Ronaldo announced that his girlfriend Rodriguez is carrying his “blood drop”. Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores, calls Rodriguez a future daughter-in-law because of her strange charm with CR7. She explained: “The baby in Rodriguez’s belly is my grandson. She will also be my daughter-in-law. Rodriguez is quiet, but especially affectionate.”

“For anyone, there will come a day when we look back and need stability in our lives. Ronaldo may be old enough to think about this. He needs a home before he stops his football career, “said Dolores.

Change your life

According to Dan Tri newspaper  ,  Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the   top football stars in the world. The male player has an estimated fortune of more than 500 million USD and thanks to his reputation and talent, the Portuguese player is also an expensive advertising face globally.

Cristiano Ronaldo has turned the anonymous girl Georgina Rodriguez into a famous model. At Georgina’s side, Ronaldo also closed his flowery past.

Entertainment - The love story 'fairy' between the everyday life of the player Cristiano Ronaldo and the poor girl (Figure 2).

The 36-year-old football player used to be a notorious “player” dating many sexy beauties.

Just a few months after publicly dating the world’s top soccer star, Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to her first child and Ronaldo’s fourth child. Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to a daughter in November 2017 in Spain. Since the couple welcomed a daughter, her relationship with her boyfriend has gotten better.

“Daughter Alana brought us closer together. When we came home from the hospital, he organized a surprise dinner and invited both families to attend. I feel like a lucky woman. best of the world”.

Georgina Rodriguez also loves all three of Cristiano Ronaldo’s stepchildren. “The kids are our joy, I love them equally. Every day, when we wake up, the first thing we do is hug them, watch them as they eat breakfast, make sure they have everything they need. Basically, all of my time is spent with them.”

Entertainment - The love story 'fairy' between the everyday life of the player Cristiano Ronaldo and the poor girl (Figure 3).

Ronaldo’s happy moment when picking up his daughter Martina.

“For me, home is a home. The place that gives me the happiest feeling is my home with my children and my partner. Our house was built with a lot of love.”

“One father is enough,” Ronaldo once said of his children. The eldest son Ronaldo Jr was born in 2010, will forever not know the mother’s identity. Twins Evra and Mateo appeared in Ronaldo’s life by surrogacy. The youngest daughter Alana Martina has helped Ronaldo realize what is the true happiness of the family.

The most famous player on the planet also did not hide his happiness when talking about his relationship with Georgina Rodriguez: “She helped me a lot. I love her and one day we will end up together. kiss. That’s also my mother’s wish. Georgina is my friend. We talk well and we understand each other very well.”

Entertainment - The 'fairy' love story between the everyday life of the player Cristiano Ronaldo and the poor girl (Figure 4).

Ronaldo’s family is happy in every appearance.

Georgina Rodriguez added, although she “changed her life” after dating Cristiano Ronaldo, she did not forget the past, not forgetting that she struggled to make a living before becoming famous.

The beauty once put aside her dream of becoming a model because of a tight economy. On the reputation of Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Rodriguez’s career suddenly flashed to receive attention from many famous fashion brands in the world. She owns an Instagram page with nearly 17 million likes, and each post helps Rodriguez earn thousands of dollars.

Ronaldo  only mentioned Rodriguez about the good things, never once did he talk badly about this girlfriend. The Juventus striker called Rodriguez a model of a woman who is perfect in love and knows how to take care of family life.

Not only for each other romantic actions, but also on the personal page with millions of followers, the couple is also satisfied when sending sweet words to each other. Specifically, Georgina Rodriguez wrote: “Love you at sea.” And CR7 is not inferior when “responding” with the caption: “My love”.

Entertainment - The love story 'fairy' between the everyday life of the player Cristiano Ronaldo and the poor girl (Figure 5).

Georgina Rodriguez was born in 1995, not as prominent or popular as CR7’s ex-girlfriend series, but she is the only one who holds the heart of the most famous player in the world. Part of it is love without reason, but it must also be recognized that there are things in Georgina Rodriguez that the pink shadows who have passed through CR7 have not been able to do.

Although she has not held a wedding ceremony, she is ready to give birth and take care of CR7’s stepchildren. After publicizing the love story with the famous player, the couple always appeared together like a picture with a shadow and received many compliments from fans.

Entertainment - The 'fairy' love story between the everyday life of the player Cristiano Ronaldo and the poor girl (Figure 6).

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