Admire the villa built on a hill in the Netherlands

Build a beautiful house on a hill

If anyone owns an area that is not smooth or has an unattractive hill. Don’t be discouraged just yet. Because sometimes the disadvantages of the land can create a new dimension to the house that other houses don’t have. Just like what we are about to see in the sand dune villa project, Dune Villa V, in addition to the site being a sand dune, it is also rough and the weather is very hot. This is a good challenge for architects to come out with fun designs. By using natural materials combined with modern design. Take advantage of the area and erase the weak points to make it a highlight. The perfect combination creates an oasis of tranquility in this villa.

This house is nestled in the sand dunes of Zeeland, Netherlands. The weak points of this area are the hills that make it difficult for buildings to be built or that the soil must be leveled out and leveled out. The architects turned this into a design strength that combines the floors of the house with the Dutch sand dune landscape. The house has a high front that follows the natural slope. and include the difference in elevation from the forested area behind to the open area of ​​the coast.


For the entrance to the house, visitors will choose to follow the path. It is covered with a large concrete slab leading to an extra large wooden door below. Or you can climb up the artfully designed stairs to climb the sand dunes. When you come up, you will find a wide wooden platform. For living, it surrounds the house from the front to the side. Go around to the back. On every side there are many large clear glass door windows. That creates a good connection between the outside and the inside. In this way, the home owner receives an optimized experience of the natural surroundings.


The house itself was put together in a fun way. By using different levels of land based on the different heights of the sand dune landscape, We also consider creating unity with the context through selected sustainable materials such as wood and natural stone, helping the house seem to disappear between the forest and the sand dunes. and with horizontal lines having long overhangs large glass surface Plus natural materials with little additives. The architecture has a faint 1960s feel to it.

Inside, the home has a warm and natural interior that compliments the materials used outside. It uses a ceiling-high wooden lattice structure and various types of natural stone. that are different in texture, properties, and color tones when combined with the use of black Metallic gold in some spots Give the house a variety of personalities It becomes an oasis of calm and relaxation. combined with luxury in the details Additionally, lighting is added that makes the home feel more beautiful and sparkling, both inside and outside.


The immersive experience becomes even more immersive when you enter the house and discover that the surrounding area is surrounded by large glass doors and windows. Provides a natural view that becomes an extension of the room. Especially at sunset when the colors of the scattered light are beautiful. along with gradually disappear into the sky Let the light from the stars and moon replace it. Create romantic moments to watch every day.

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