Captivating Creatures: 25 Unforgettable Images of Animals Enchanting Hearts with Their Eyes

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Animals are masters of expressing their true emotions through their eyes. Helpless, happy, angry, scared, or nervous – you can “read” how these fluffy guys feel when looking at their eyes. And people can’t get enough of these, both innocent eyes of puppies and mischievous eyes of grown-up guys.
And this post introduces 30 animals who probably steal human’s hearts with their eyes. They are so real. If Oscars were given for animal’s eyes, these fluffy guys would win. They are making our life more interesting and have taught us how to love and care for a person. Let’s check them out!
1. “Are you taking a photo of me, mom? Do I look pretty in the photo? I’m always pretty but I’m not sure about how I look in your pic.”
30 Small Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets
2. “I’m not happy with the flight, mom. I don’t like staying here. I love your cuddles and want to come home.”
10 Most Popular Dog Breeds - AKC Best Dogs 2021
3. “I still don’t understand what you are saying, mom. Can you explain?”
Top 20 Smallest Dog Breeds – Forbes Advisor
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4. “I’m sniffing the smell of fresh grass. It’s great!”
You Don't Have a Clue What Your Dog Is Feeling
5. “Are you calling me, mom?”
Dog Breed Doesn't Affect Behavior, According to New Genetic Research | Smithsonian
6. “I’m ready for the party. Are we leaving home now?”
Day at the Lake | 5 Pet Must-Haves for Dogs | Tips and Ideas
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7. “I understand what you say, mom. Believe me. I will behave well.”
How Popular Is Your Dog?, 52% OFF
8. “You are a sneaky mom. I saw you eating my Halloween candies.”
The World's Oldest Dog Breeds | Hypro Premium | Premium Dog Food
9. “Someone is staring at me, dad. Do I have something wrong?”
Pet Travel | Domestic and International Travel With a Pet
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10. “It’s glad to see you for the first time, hooman.”
45 Best Large Dog Breeds - Top Big Dogs List and Pictures
11. “I’m hanging out with my friends. We have a lot of fun together.”
Breed stereotypes not good predictors of dog behaviour, gene study and owner survey suggest - ABC News
12. “Huh. I’m not grumpy. You are making me irritated but you pretend that there is nothing.”
Glaucoma and goniodysgenesis DNA health testing for the Border collie dog breed | Pets4Homes
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13. “Are you kidding me? We cancel the walk to the local park?”
Recall: How to Train Your Dog to Come Back | Small Door Veterinary
14. “Hi. I’m just seeing people pass by me. This is one of my favorite activities of the day.”
The Best Dogs of BBC Earth | Top 5 | BBC Earth
15. “Hi, nice to meet you, hooman.”
A Dog Is For Life, Not Just Lockdown: How To Buy A Healthy, 47% OFF
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16. “What are you guys talking about guys? Let me join in.”
Dogs beat cats in a poll to find the nation's favourite animal | Daily Mail Online
17. “We’re a pack!”
Which Global Dog Breed Is Your Perfect Match? This Factor Is Key
18. “Are you calling me, mom? I’m playing peek-a-poo with dad while he’s riding his car.”
Papillon - All About Dogs | Orvis
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19. “Mom hasn’t got home yet, bro.”
10 Dog Breeds Similar to Corgis
20. “The present bag behind me is for me? It’s so good.”
The Best Small Dog Breeds | HGTV
21. “You don’t scare of me? I’m a grumpy guy.”
Top Five Places to see African Wild Dogs - Timbuktu
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22. “The last minutes of trying to be a good boy!”
17 Small White Dog Breeds: Little Light-Colored Cuties!, 59% OFF
23. “It’s such a boring day!”
10 Small White Dog Breeds With Photos, 40% OFF
24. “You are making me embarrassed, hooman.”
18 Most Loyal Guard Dog Breeds - Guard Dogs for First-Time Owners
25. “Are you kidding me? Where are my cookies after dinner?”
Ohio has a favorite dog breed. Here's what it is
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