Casa Anima’s Thai roofed house has a tropical style

Casa Anima is a simple, tropical house with a special twist by using innovative and sustainable concepts in its construction. and is the first developer in the state of São Paulo to deliver engineered wooden houses as examples. In fact, the engineered wood technique is not completely new. Because it has been widely used and used for a long time in Europe and North America. In addition, the concept of Biofilia is applied in the context of art, culture, and developed in architecture by famous architects. So that the residents have good health and well-being as well.

The two-storey home is the perfect size for a family of four to five. It includes an indoor garage for two cars and two connected buildings. Building orientation is applied along the longest length of the site. It is a rectangular shape with a narrower face compared to the depth of the area. Looking from the front, you can see that the house faces the road. For privacy, the team built the garage walls with wooden slats. The house is therefore fully open to the morning sunlight in front. And it brings some interesting side relationships to the project.


From the road in front of the house, you will find a garage with a shed roof. Which has a structure connected to the main 2-story building with a wooden roof structure in the same shape. By adding a courtyard and setting up a green garden. between and gardening beyond the road To camouflage the lawn and swimming pool in front of the house from the sight of passersby.

When you get home and park your car, you will walk along the walkway with a wooden roof structure. Lead the way into the house comfortably. Don’t be afraid of the rain. And also feel happy when walking through the tropical style garden full of fresh green leaves. Every time I come home, it’s like being welcomed by nature to relieve my tiredness.


In the house on the ground floor there is a living room with high ceilings. A dining room, kitchen, laundry room, toilet and barbecue area are on the ground floor. The upper floor The house consists of one suite and two bedrooms with a shared bathroom and an office. The decoration uses wood to give a warm feeling. But using engineered wood as the structural system of the project increases the level of sustainability of the work. It is designed to be similar to the process of assembling a prefabricated house. To get dry, clean work that can be done quickly, accurately and efficiently. But there is minimal waste.

The two-story home has a glass wall above to let in light and make the house feel light and airy. At the same time, it must be concealed and filtered to prevent the house from getting too hot. Therefore, aluminum battens were installed as a facade on the outside floor.





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