Cristiano Ronaldo Spotted Embracing a Striking Fitness Model

Portugal’s latest buzz revolves around Cristiano Ronaldo, who was first seen getting cozy with Instagram star Cassandra Davis at a Miami club during Sunday’s fight. The soccer superstar was spotted embracing the curvaceous beauty, adding fuel to the rumor mill.

""image"" 25Cristiapo Rodrigo was seen hugging Cassadre Davis againCredit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25The Real Madrid star met the fit babe at a Miami fight clubCredit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25 The couple was looking to laugh and joke at a pool in Miami. Credit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25Davis is an Instagram starCredit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25The blonde beauty is famous for posting fitness videos. Credit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25Credit: Fame Flyпet ""image"" 25… and photographs of his son. Credit: Fame Flypet

A day later, Rodrigo was immersed again with the buxom blonde, as they snuggled together on a lounge chair at a Miami pool.

The 38-year-old, who split from model and actress Iripa Shayk 18 months ago, has liked quite a few girls.

He is believed to have enjoyed brief flings with Paris Hilto, Colombian Nataly Ripco and Italian reality star Elisa De Paicis.

""image"" 25 A friend of the couple was looking to slap Davis on the butt. Credit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25 Ronaldo has been linked to a swath of women after splitting from Iripa Shayk. Credit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25 The superstar has rarely been seen so in love with a woman. Credit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25Davis and Roaldo laugh while on vacationCredit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25 It is believed that the couple met at the Tυca nightclub during the week. Credit: Fame Flyпet

He liked the beautiful Mexican actress Eiza González last week and another mystery girl at Pacha over the weekend.

Before the Euros, Roaldo invited a beautiful brunette aboard a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean.

And while his rival Liopel Messi was criticized for looking like a “corpse” between the sheets, Roaldo had rarely looked so happy.

The Portuguese Euro 2016 hero, who also sports black-painted nails while on holiday in Florida, has rarely been photographed looking so enamored with a woman.

""image"" 25Ropaldo and Davis cried in the poolCredit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25 The cute couple was snuggling together. Credit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25 They collaborated to share jokes. Credit: Fame Flyпet ""image"" 25The couple shares a minor momentCredit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25 The couple hugs each other in the pool. Credit: Fame Flyпet ""image"" 25Ropaldo and Davis spent hours togetherCredit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25Ropaldo smiles at her new beautyCredit: Fame Flyпet

Sitting next to a couple, the pair seemed genuinely happy as they hugged each other open, laughing, joking and sharing the occasional kiss.

At one point, Cassadre stood up and another woman with a couple standing next to them groped her butt.

Roberto and Cassadre also sought to get closer to the pool, where they shared a kiss and hug.

Cassadre has become a star on the image-sharing website for outrageous photos of her butt.

The fitness model frequently posts exercise videos and has amassed almost 600,000 followers.

""image"" 25 Ronaldo is believed to have met Davis at a fight club in Miami. Credit: MOISES GONZALEZ/Exclυsivepix Media ""image"" 25The star is on vacation in Florida while the rest of the Real Madrid squad is in New YorkCredit: MOISES GONZALEZ/Exclυsivepix Media ""image"" 25Ropaldo is currently outdoing himself ahead of next season. Credit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25The superstar is enjoying an extended break after leading Portugal to the Euro 2016 trophy. Credit: Fame Flypet ""image"" 25Credit: MOISES GONZALEZ/Exclυsivepix Media ""image"" 25Ropaldo has also whistled looking for sporty painted black tipsCredit: AKM-GSI-XPOSURE

He is reported to have a master’s degree in business from the University of Florida and also works in marketing.

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