Elevate Your Lifestyle with a 30m² Wonderful Tiny House

It is important to prioritize functionality and usefulness in the design of this tiny house. Because space is limited, every centimeter must be carefully considered and used. Therefore, an open plan may be preferable. This allows the different spaces to transition into each other and create a feeling of more space.

Also, the right lighting is important. Large windows or glass doors draw in natural light and make the house appear larger and more spacious. In addition, by using the right lighting fixtures, the lighting levels can be adjusted according to the different needs of different parts of the house.

Basic areas such as a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen/lounge area can be found in this tiny house. However, due to limited space, these areas can be used for multiple purposes. For example, the bedroom can also be used as a study area.

The kitchen area can also be multifunctional. For example, it can also be used as an islet bar, dining table or storage space. Also, a wall-mounted table or a folding table can be a useful option.

Storage space is also important. This is a problem often faced by those who live in small houses. Therefore, every centimeter should be carefully considered and different options should be used to create storage space. For example, storage space can be created by using high ceilings or storage space can be created under the bed.

As a result, although the design of a 30 square meter house can be quite challenging, it can be designed without reducing functionality and comfort. It is possible to create a spacious and comfortable living space even in a tiny house by using open plan, correct lighting, multifunctional spaces and creative storage options.


Also, the size of the furniture is important. In small homes, large and rough furniture takes up space and creates a suffocated feeling inside the home. Therefore, furniture should be as compact and multi-purpose as possible. For example, a sofa can turn into a bed or become a storage space.

Color selection is also important. Bright and light colors make the house feel bigger and more spacious inside. Painting the walls white or light-colored makes the space appear larger, while light-colored furniture and accessories increase this effect.


In addition, outdoor use is also important. If the house is located in a garden or on a terrace, the interior of the house can appear larger by using this area. A gazebo in the garden or a table and chair on the terrace creates the feeling of more living space inside the house.


As a result, a house design of 30 square meters can be functional, comfortable and spacious. It is possible to create a comfortable living space even in a tiny house, by using the right planning, the right lighting, multifunctional spaces and creative storage options. In addition, the size of the furniture and the choice of color are also important. And finally, by using the exterior of the house as well, the interior space can feel larger and more spacious.


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