Heartbreak in Every Stroke: Painting Captures Grieving Dog’s Desperate Attempt to Revive Lost Puppy


The video shows a heartbreaking incident in which a grieving dog stubbornly discovers her murdered puppy. Kookie diligently digs through the densely packed soil until he finds the male cub and drags him out of his temporary grave by one leg. He licks and pushes the little corpse with all his might in an attempt to revive his beloved son.

Kaye de Luna, the owner, adds in the video that Kookie had already lost during her first pregnancy, and must be sad about the loss of another puppy. Kookie clearly cared about his entire litter, even the ones that didn’t survive. It is truly a heartbreaking sight to witness.


On May 17, Kookie gave birth to a litter of pups, however one of the smaller, weaker pups died during the night. Kookie began barking loudly upon realizing what had happened, waking everyone in the house. The owners discovered the deceased puppy and buried him in their yard in an unmarked grave without informing Kookie.

When they later took Kookie for a walk in the garden, she went straight to the funeral. Kaye, the owner, decided to let Kookie grieve in her own way and deal with the loss of her puppy. The sad video shows Kaye crying as she watches Kookie mourn the loss of her puppy.


Initially, Kookie dug in the dirt until she recognized her pup’s scent, which encouraged her to continue digging. After a while, he was able to remove the motionless cub from its temporary grave by removing enough dirt to uncover a portion of the corpse.

The mother then licked and poked the cub with her snout in an attempt to revive it. Kookie stopped at the end of the video and turned his attention to Kaye, who was extremely shaken by the heartbreaking incident.


When dogs lose their puppies, the popular video shows that they too suffer pain and loss. Kookie, like other dogs, was created to instinctively lick and nudge her puppies. Kookie dug up his deceased pup for one last attempt at resuscitation because he was going through his own kind of closure.

It is widely known that dogs cry for their people, so it is not strange that they feel the same pain and loss when losing a puppy.

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