Majestic Beauty: The Blue Bird of Paradise

Considered by some ornithologists to be the most beautiful of all birds, the blue bird-of-paradise was discovered by Carl Hunstein in 1884 and its scientific name commemorates the unfortunate Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria (his death in 1889, a suicide, after murdering His 17-year-old lover, Baroness Mary Vetsera, made international headlines, fueled international conspiracy rumors, and ultimately may have sealed the long-term fate of the Habsburg monarchy (plus, she looks like a bit like Ryan Gosling).

""d28a2b7cd1cb6635d6461add2a4c930f.png""Oh, back to the bird…

""64067c0b372b566916d28c99566a4078.png""The blue bird of paradise is endemic to Papua New Guinea. It is distributed throughout the mountainous forests of southeastern New Guinea.

""38028a906ee661edd6427ca49ff546f3.png""The male Blue Bird of Paradise is known for its polygamous nature and performs a mesmerizing courtship display. Unlike other Paradisaea species, it typically courts alone with a female nearby. During his display, the male hangs upside down from a branch, rhythmically expanding and contracting the red-margined black oval on his chest. His violet-blue feathers fan out, swaying his body while his central tail feathers form impressive arcs. Throughout this spectacle, he emits soft vocalizations with a low, rough, and vibrant voice.




Tim Lamon, one of the world’s top wildlife photographers and the leading photographer of these elusive birds.

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