Meet Janie: The Adorable Street-Rescued Kitten with Unique Fur

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Janie, a recent internet sensation. This tiny and incredibly cute kitten captured hearts after being rescued from abandonment on the roadside in Ontario, Canada, just a few months ago. What makes her so irresistible? Well, for starters, her undeniable adorableness. But it’s her uniquely-colored fur that truly sets her apart, resembling that of a miniature baby raccoon.

After being fund, the kitten was brought to the Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue. According to Melissa, the founder of the rescue, the kitty was quite active and vocal despite weighing only 82 grams. Melissa had a plan to keep Janie in an incubator for 2 weeks, bottle-feed her, and when she was proven to be medically clear, introduce her to the cat mommy named June, who was rescued as a pregnant cat a few weeks prior. And that’s exactly how it all went.

Janie is now a strong and active kitten adored by thousands of people all around the world. Turns out, the silvery coat that stole pretty much everyone’s heart is known as a “fever coat” and it typically occurs when the mother is ill while being pregnant. There’s nothing dangerous about it to the kitten, though! However, the cat will probably lose the color once she grows up.

Bored Panda invites you to sit back and enjoy some of the most adorable photos of little Janie. Besides, we had a chance to ask Mellissa some interesting questions, so make sure to look for her answers down below.

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