PSD collaborates with Bronny James to launch a new underwear collection

LeBron James’s influence is flowing through the family.

LeSon! Bronny James and PSD wear Sign a Partnership Agreement

Befоre gоing tо cоllege, Brоnny, Jаmes’ bаsketbаll-plаying sоn, signed а NIL (Nаme, likeness, аnd imаge) deаl. а new cооperаtiоn аgreement hаs been negоtiаted between the high schооl stаndоut аnd underweаr cоmpаny PSD. Brоnny signs with PSD, mаking him the yоungest аthlete-entrepreneur tо dо sо.

LeSon! Bronny James and PSD wear Sign a Partnership Agreement

The younger James stated in a written statement, “I’ve been wearing PSD for as long as I can remember.””A partnership like this is really exciting when there’s a real and authentic connection,” he continued. “I’m excited to contribute my thoughts and ideas to create some really original pieces.”

LeSon! Bronny James and PSD wear Sign a Partnership Agreement

James will receive a signature line from the underwear company as part of the agreement. The prospective NBA star will collaborate closely with PSD and its design team to create the collection. This spring, big retailers like Champs, Hibbetts, Snipes, and online at will carry James’ next collection of apparel.

LeSon! Bronny James and PSD wear Sign a Partnership Agreement

Curt Flaitz, cofounder and president of PSD, stated, “It’s been fun to watch Bronny grow up wearing PSD, dating back to Mike Miller gifting them to his dad while they played together in Miami.” We adore it when relationships develop naturally, and we’re excited to keep developing a wonderful alliance with him.

Jimmy Butler, Ja Morant, Trae Young, Marshawn Lynch, Tyler Herro, and social media sensation Sommer Ray are among the players James joins on the roster. In addition, PSD has a large inventory of high-profile licenses, including as Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, DC, and Naruto.

For his son, LeBron has a son who is making history.

James, whose current deal with the Los Angeles Lakers ends after the upcoming season, stated in an exclusive interview with The Athletic that he would like to play with Bronny for at least one season.

LeBron declared, “My last year will be spent with my son.” “My location will be wherever Bronny is.” If I could play with my son for a year, I would do anything. At that point, it isn’t about the money.

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