Rescued: Dogs Trapped in Basement Saved by Community Efforts


Sometimes, it’s important to pay close attention to what’s happening around you. Unusual or unexpected events can have a profound impact on your life. This was the case for workers at Bovey Lock in Dorset, Buckinghamshire. They were hired because the owner of a large dog believed something extraordinary was happening. Many thought the owner was crazy, wondering how a dog could possibly be hiding underground. However, their instincts proved right, leading to a remarkable rescue.

""image"" However, imagine walking through a parking lot and hearing a strange sound coming from the yard. If you can’t locate your dog, what would you do?

This group of people decided to start digging.


They tore up all the cocrete and earth until they reached the subsoil of the pipe.


When they got to the pipe, they had to make a hole to find out what was doing the balancing.


What an amazing and brave story about getting this dog out of a pipe. I didn’t think they would find a live animal there, but I am so happy this animal rescue turned out well. ""image"" It has been proven time and time again that dogs are the best friends on the map.

. ""image""

If I heard a dog in this area I would do everything I could to remove it. I’m sure the owner will never let her puppy out of her sight again. ""image""


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