The Highest-Earning WAG on Instagram: Ronaldo’s Girlfriend

With an income of £150,000 per post, Georgina Rodríguez, girlfriend of striker Cristiano Ronaldo, is the highest-earning WAG at EURO 2024 on Instagram.


1. Georgina Rodríguez: Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend (Portugal, number of followers: 59.7 million, amount earned for each Instagram post: 150,000 pounds).


2. Anna Lewandowska – wife of Robert Lewandowski (Poland, number of followers: 5.6 million, amount earned from each Instagram post: 140,000 pounds).


3. Dani Dyer: Jarrod Bowen’s girlfriend (UK, number of followers: 3.8 million, amount earned from each Instagram post: 9,000 pounds).


4. Alice Campello – wife of Álvaro Morata (Spain, number of followers: 3.4 million, amount earned per Instagram post: £8,000).


5. Sara Gundogan – wife of Ilkay Gundogan (Germany, number of followers: 870,000, amount earned from each Instagram post: 3,000 pounds).


6. Iris Law: Trent Alexander-Arnold’s girlfriend (UK, number of followers: 766,000, amount earned from each Instagram post: £2,800).


7. Zoe Cristofoli – Theo Hernandez’s girlfriend (France, amount earned for each Instagram post: 2,700 pounds, number of followers: 1.1 million).


8. Vlada Zinchenko: wife of Oleksandr Zinchenko (Ukraine, number of followers: 710,000, amount earned from each Instagram post: 2,600 pounds).


9. Rose Bertram: Kylian Mbappé’s girlfriend (France, number of followers: 1.1 million, amount earned for each Instagram post: 2,400 pounds).


10. Dani ter Stegen – wife of Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Germany, number of followers: 596,000, amount earned from each Instagram post: £2,200).

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