Trapped for 10 Days: The Heartwarming Rescue of a Puppy in a Box

I thought about starting this article with “life writes…”, but no… it is not life that writes our stories, but us and the people around us.

Unfortunately, people can be both writers and protagonists in these types of stories; However, while you have the ability to decide whether you will remain a part of it or not, little furry creatures like Alberto cannot.

While it’s sad and disappointing that some people have the heart to hurt or abandon an animal, it’s equally wonderful that there are people who would give anything just to save a cute creature like the adorable puppy in this story.


Discovering a puppy abandoned in a box, forsaken by those he should have trusted most, is a heartbreaking sight for anyone with compassion.

Alberto, a small yet resilient pup, survived the harsh conditions of being confined to a box in the middle of nowhere. With a worm in his eye, likely one of the reasons he was abandoned, Alberto’s tenacity and will to live turned a tragic scene into a testament to his bravery.


Fortunately, a team of good people at Pawsforhelp, including the kind woman in the Paws Show video, found the puppy and took him into immediate care.

The woman was devastated by the condition of the little dog, and heartbroken by the fact that he was abandoned when he needed help: “ Who could have a rotten heart to do such a thing? I can’t leave him alone.

She asked good people for help while holding the puppy in the cardboard box, which also broke my heart… to be honest.

However, I was more than happy to see that the next part of the video was about Alberto’s recovery.

With the help of good humans, this little boy’s box of misery became a box of hope.


In addition to being malnourished and in poor condition in general, Alberto suffered from another health problem: eye worms.

This type of infection is usually caused by flies that feed on dogs’ tears and lay their eggs inside the eye. Alberto’s eye was infected, but with the help of a veterinarian who operated on him and removed the worms, he was saved from blindness.

The amazing team at Paticasporayudar did everything they could to keep Alberto safe and healthy. Their joy when this little pup opened his eyes and started eating was enormous, which is no surprise considering how adorable this furry friend is.


Seeing Alberto today, no one could even imagine all the trouble he went through. His playful personality and positive energy show how special this little dog is and that he was worth saving, like any other animal in need.


He loves spending time with his rescuers and other furry friends, running and cuddling. It seems that he has also found his man… at least according to the words of his savior: “ Here we continue with Alberto’s recovery little by little, but surely he is improving every day. My beautiful doll, my love, my tender, small, noble and tenderly pampered girl.


And I have to admit, I couldn’t agree more.

Although this story begins in a sad way, there is nothing better than seeing a sick and abandoned puppy finally enjoying his life to the fullest.

None of this would be possible without people as kind as the people of Paticasporayudar.


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