Unlucky No More: Ronald the Dog Finds a Forever Home After 14 Returns

Every dog in a shelter dreams of finding their forever home, and while shelters work tirelessly to make that happen, the adoption journey can be challenging. Some animals take a long time to find the perfect match, and sometimes, adoptions don’t work out.

Last week, we shared the story of Ronald, a dog who had endured a particularly rough patch with 14 failed adoption attempts. But Ronald never gave up. Now, this resilient and lovable dog has finally found his forever home!


On January 11, the Wake County SPCA shared Ronald’s story. Although Ronald only weighs 63 pounds, he is a “big boy” with a huge frame that may have been “too big/strong” for some families, particularly those with young children. They believe Ronald’s several failed attempts to find a home were due to his large size.


They also called Ronald a “huge puppy” who will stand up on his paws and put his paws on you when he gets excited or “gets a little mouthy.”

Although Ronald might have been “too much” of a dog for some families, the SPCA was sure there was someone for whom he would be the ideal friend.

“Ronald is absolutely kind, understands his orders and accepts rewards very discreetly. He really is a very good boy, the SPCA wrote. “He will be a great student for any training because he likes to get treats and do his tricks.”

Fortunately, Ronald’s luck improved quickly. His story went viral and many people expressed interest in adopting him, to the point that the shelter was “full” of adoption requests.

“His whole streak of bad luck turned around pretty quickly,” SPCA spokesperson Samantha Ranlet told WRAL. “We are very overwhelmed.”

The SPCA recently revealed a surprising update to the story, stating that “Ronald’s run of bad luck has officially ended.”

“His new family reports that he is doing very well with the children and that they are simply in love with him,” the SPCA wrote. They shared photos of Ronald with his new family and confirmed that he was adjusting well.

Ronald appears to have been successful with the adoption after 14 failed attempts. The good news and the overwhelming show of support for Ronald made the SPCA very happy.

“Thank you all so much for sharing Ronald’s story; “We were overwhelmed by your words of support and wonderful offers to help you,” they wrote on Facebook. “Ronald was able to reach approximately one million people on the first day thanks to the wide distribution of his shares. Their entire environment was abruptly and drastically altered. The power you all have to change a life with the power of your keyboard never ceases to amaze us!

We are so happy that Ronald has finally found his “forever home” and that his “bad luck” has run its course. Please spread this amazing news!

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