American astronomer declared ‘shocked’ about alien habitation

A top American space scientist has claimed that he knows the best spots to search for alien life.

Universe Today reports that Benjamin Zuckerman, a now-retired American astrophysicist, believes that small, dense stars called White Dwarfs could be home to ancient civilizations. advanced intelligence.

Nhà thiên văn Mỹ tuyên bố 'sốc' về nơi sinh sống của người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 1

In one of his articles, he argued that recent advances in telescope technology could easily identify alien outposts.

Professor Zuckerman’s controversial theory postulates the existence of a Dyson Sphere, which experts have been hunting for decades. They are theoretical structures that could be built by extraterrestrials around a star to harvest its energy.

Of course, Dyson Spheres have never been found, and there is no evidence they exist.

Ngoại hành tinh lang thang có vệ tinh thích hợp cho sự sống ngoài Trái đất

However, if so, these structures would be a distinct feature of an intelligent civilization that could exploit the resources of a planetary system.

Zuckerman, a former UCLA professor who has published hundreds of articles and books, believes white dwarfs are our best chance of finding one.

Professor Zuckerman said, white dwarfs are quite common in our galaxy and give off a lot of heat.

He claims that that heat could be absorbed by the Dyson Sphere structure and power an alien civilization.

Astronomers argue that infrared data that has been collected by satellites recently could be scanned for signs of alien life. Those satellites include the Spitzer, WISE, TESS and Kepler telescopes.

This scientist has done some calculations on how many alien civilizations are out there. He believes that less than 3% of habitable planets orbiting sun-like stars have life that has built Dyson Spheres. That still leaves us with a few million stars to search for, if his hair-raising theory proves correct.

Professor Zuckerman is no stranger to controversy, having previously addressed the topic of extraterrestrials. His paper is likely to stir debate among astronomers, many of whom argue that Dyson Spheres don’t exist because they simply wouldn’t work.

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