Strange speculation about a mysterious ‘ice ship’ off the coast of Antarctica

The structure resembles a cruiser on an iceberg about 160km off the coast of Antarctica, sparking strange speculation.
Through the Google Earth application, some people recently discovered a strange structure on an iceberg about 160km off the coast of Antarctica. Images show the structure is about 121 meters long and bears many similarities to a cruiser with a chimney and row of windows.

A clip about the above strange discovery was uploaded to YouTube by user MrMBB3… last week with the caption: “Look, it looks exactly like the outline of a ship.”
“It is about 121 meters long. I don’t know what this really is, but it looks exactly like a ship to me. I guess we can call it an ice ship – a 400-foot long yacht lying alone off the coast of Antarctica,” said the person who posted the image.

According to this person, initially seen on Google Earth, this structure is a large iceberg rising above the surrounding white landscape. When switched to 3D view, its image evokes a giant ship.

The “ice ship” has sparked conspiracy theories on the Internet. Some people believe that this structure is related to a secret Nazi base in Antarctica, or was left behind by aliens. Some people even believe that this is the ship whose mission is to rescue elite people if a global disaster occurs.

The Sun newspaper quoted some comments from netizens. “This ice ship must have been built during World War II,” one account commented. While many other users believe that this strange “ice ship” was left behind by aliens. “Those aliens have been in Antarctica for more than 80 years, so it’s hard to say if they found this ship or if they left it behind,” another account excitedly participated.

Conspiracy theory comments all seem unconvincing, even overly fanciful. It is not known exactly what this strange structure is, even if it is simply a piece of ice. In other words, “ice train” is just the result of the hallucinatory phenomenon Pareidolia, which occurs when the brain causes us to see faces or shapes that are not real wherever we look. Just like when we look up at the sky and see clouds shaped like dragons, smiley faces or many other shapes, even though they don’t exist.

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