Many people flocked to the hills of Thailand to look for aliens

Many people are flocking to a hill in central Thailand because they believe aliens are above the Buddha statue and communicating with them telepathically.
Even some people who have been to the city of Nakhon Sawan (meaning “paradise city” in Thai, 3 hours by car or train from the capital Bangkok) said that they felt in the messages that Aliens sent many teachings of Buddha, CNN reported on October 6.

Đổ xô tới ngọn đồi Thái Lan để tìm người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 1

Many Thais believe that if they meditate on Khao Kala hill on the outskirts of Nakhon Sawan, they will hear the voices of silver humanoid creatures ringing in their heads. They will speak in whatever language the meditator’s mind can receive.

Many Thai people say they have seen aliens similar to Earth people but slimmer, silvery white in color and heard them talk about issues such as “karma”, “reincarnation”, “greed, anger and ignorance”. ”…

Ms. Ploy Buranasiri, a Bangkok resident, said she often visits Khao Kala and has seen aliens several times. Ms. Sukwasa Mukprom said she went to Khao Kala more than a dozen times in the past year, hoping that aliens would help her be more courageous in life.

Đổ xô tới ngọn đồi Thái Lan để tìm người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 2

However, authorities do not want too many people climbing up the hill and staying there for too long because it could damage the forest environment. Thai people and international tourists are still allowed to go up the hill to worship Buddha statues and perform rituals, but are not allowed to stay overnight or set up tents…

On September 20, about 30 police and forest rangers had to persuade about 60 people searching for UFOs (unidentified flying objects, flying saucers) on Khao Kala hill to abandon their plan to meditate at night in the hope of communicate with aliens.

Đổ xô tới ngọn đồi Thái Lan để tìm người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 3

Many Thai people post UFO-related information and images at the Kao Kala UFO group on Facebook. The group’s administrator, Manop Ampan, a former officer of the Public Relations Department of Nakhon Sawan province, recently posted a photo of what he believed to be a UFO in the sky of Thailand.

When reporters asked about many Thai people seeing UFOs and communicating with aliens, doctor of philosophy and religion Veeranut Rojanaprapa said: “We don’t need to know whether it’s real or not, whether it’s a fabrication or not.” reality… It doesn’t matter whether you hear or don’t hear aliens. It does not help us enter nirvana. We’re not saying it’s right or wrong for humans to talk to aliens. But please listen carefully, most situations are just illusions.”

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