UFO hunter claims to have discovered ‘elephant’ on Mars

A UFO (unidentified flying object) researcher recently announced that he discovered a strange structure that looked like “the head of an elephant” through NASA’s satellite images of Mars.

Self-proclaimed UFO “hunter”, Scott C Waring, presented his strange theory after viewing images taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover on Sol 2765 – the 2765th Martian day of the mission its. This is the second time he claimed to have found “elephants” on the red planet and affirmed that these two discoveries definitely have some connection with each other.

Thợ săn UFO tuyên bố phát hiện 'voi' trên... sao Hỏa ảnh 1

The photo shows a strangely curved rock that at first glance could be mistaken for an “elephant trunk”. According to Mr. Waring, it is an elephant statue carved by aliens on the hillside of Mars.

Mr. Waring said: “I found another elephant on Mars.. Yes, you heard right.
This is not an adult elephant but just a baby elephant. This elephant and the one I found last year both have identical features, including… tiny ears. This is a major discovery because this means it may have a connection to elephants on Earth.”

Thợ săn UFO tuyên bố phát hiện 'voi' trên... sao Hỏa ảnh 2

Previously in November 2019, Mr. Waring also shared similar NASA photos of a rock with a strange shape.

Despite all the evidence against his assertion, Waring still asserts that there are aliens hiding on the Red Planet. According to him, “it’s time for NASA to confront the fact that there are elephants on Mars!”.

Thợ săn UFO tuyên bố phát hiện 'voi' trên... sao Hỏa ảnh 3

However, scientists counter that this is just a product of the illusion phenomenon Pareidolia, which occurs when the brain causes us to see faces or shapes that are not real wherever we look. Just like when we look up at the sky and see clouds shaped like dragons, smiley faces or many other shapes, even though they don’t exist.
In this case, a rock and strangely shaped shadows confused the brain into thinking an elephant had been found on Mars.

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