Archaeologists discovered alien caves on the Nazca plateau

Discovering Alien Bodies in a Cave on the Nazca Plateau: Traveling to the enigmatic worlds of the mummified alien bodies found in an ancient underground city



Around the year he discovered the cave with the mummifieds and named it Mary. Mary has been searching for clues about ancient civilizations on the Nazca Plateau since 1990. In her words, she had found many mysterious places in her searches, stating that she had discovered the possible montages of аɩіeпigenous forms in the Nazca figures and the ancient civilizations there.


When he revealed the secret of this cave, he immediately realized that it was something like a tomb. Inside the cave she found two sarcophagi. In one, there were objects that have not yet been discussed, and in the other two medium-sized mummies and small-sized human mummies. The largest mummy in the sarcophagus was not completely decomposed.

Mary did not report his discovery to the scientific community or his findings, because he (apparently) feared that no one would know about his discovery and possibly his life could be in danger.


Jaime Maussan joined Mario Forbade to carry it out and take photographs, and took pains to show the cavity in which the supernatural figure was found. Likewise, he returned to have a view of the objects found in the first sarcophagus.

Mario claims that he did not reveal the position of the cave and only showed a part of what he discovered there. The cave must be a space from which treasures are brought to the temple, and you have not explored them yet. He fears that if the government finds the place, the cave will be destroyed.

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