Detection of a substance in the universe is “strong evidence” of life beyond Earth

American scientists have discovered a substance in the universe that, according to them, is irrefutable evidence that there are “extraterrestrials”. So what is it and why is it a sign of life?
“Two possibilities exist: Either we are completely alone in this universe, or we are not. Both possibilities are equally terrifying” (Arthur C. Clarke). This is a very famous saying, so which possibility do you think is scarier?

Phát hiện một chất trong vũ trụ là “bằng chứng chắc chắn” về sự sống bên ngoài Trái Đất ảnh 1

Although each person has different beliefs, the scientific community has never given up on the journey to find the real answer to the question: Are we alone in this universe?

According to scientists at the University of California Riverside (USA), the answer is no. The proof lies in a gas.

According to research published in the Astrophysical Journal, the fact that they found “laughing gas” (also known as “laughing gas”) – mainly nitrous oxide (dinitrogen monoxide) – in the universe shows that There is life on other planets.

Phát hiện một chất trong vũ trụ là “bằng chứng chắc chắn” về sự sống bên ngoài Trái Đất ảnh 2

The reason is that because nitrous oxide is produced by living things, traces of that gas in the atmospheres of certain planets indicate that those planets may be (was or are) habitable.

Of course, as with any other study, the above conclusion has limitations. Some scientists say that because nitrous oxide is an uncommon biomarker, it will be difficult to detect in distant galaxies.

Phát hiện rùng mình về vật thể vũ trụ khiến Trái Đất suýt "tận thế" - Báo  Người lao động

In addition, there are also those who say that it is possible that the nitrous oxide gas in the atmosphere of some planets is created by other phenomena. After all, on planets in the universe there are many phenomena that we have not yet fully discovered and explained.

So once again, the conclusion about extraterrestrial life has not yet been “finalized”, but we have to wait for more research.

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