Detection of debris of an object suspected to be a UFO in 1957

A researcher found decades-lost fragments of an object believed to be a small UFO in Silpho Moor, England.

Researcher David Clarke at Sheffield Hallam University found fragments from a suspected small UFO in 1957 in the archives of the Science Museum in London, England, Fox News reported on February 13.

Những mảnh vỡ  Ảnh: Fox News.

Clarke discovered the fragments after speaking at the museum last year. “At first I thought this was just a joke, or that the metal pieces were completely worthless,” Clarke said. He sent the debris to London for examination earlier this year.

The fragments were stored in a plastic box along with files compiled by a former employee of the museum. “In the files was a large tin box labeled ‘Victoria and Albert Museum – Supposed UFO Debris’,” Clark described.

Vật thể được cho là UFO cỡ nhỏ ở Silpho Moor năm 1957. Ảnh: Fox News.

When we opened the box, we found 5 paper envelopes containing pieces of metal, objects made of a mixture of metal or plastic and a few small pieces of copper foil,” he added. While checking related mail, he Pay attention immediately to the references to fragments of the “Silpho Moor Object” along with a note stating that they were transferred to the museum for study in 1963.

The object suspected to be a small UFO was discovered by three men in Silpho Moor, North Yorkshire. People used to remove part of the top and split it in half. The middle part is taken out, revealing a copper coil containing a book inside. The book consists of 17 pages of small copper foil with hieroglyphs similar to those engraved on the bottom of the object.

However, this may just be a hoax, according to analysis from scientists at the University of Manchester and scientists in London. Who was behind the hoax and why they built the object remains a mystery, Clarke said.

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