Google Earth users are confused when they see pictures of characters that look like “extraterrestrials”

A person while using Google Earth and looking at images posted there was surprised to see a character with a strange face in one photo. This person affirmed that the face looked like an “alien”. What do other netizens say?
People who often look at photos on Google Earth will sometimes find very mysterious things that no one can explain. Recently, a person thought he saw an “extraterrestrial” sitting in the back seat of a car.

Người sử dụng Google Earth hoang mang khi thấy ảnh nhân vật như “người ngoài Trái Đất” ảnh 1

The person who discovered this was Crystal Patterson, in the US. Crystal said that recently, she used the Google Earth application to look near the area where she lives, to find a suitable location to open a used goods stall. However, she found a very curious photo.

Crystal recounted: “In the photo, I saw the driver as if he was shirtless so I zoomed in, just out of curiosity. Then I saw a strange figure in the back seat of the car, with a face just like an extraterrestrial we still see in movies or comics.”

Người sử dụng Google Earth hoang mang khi thấy ảnh nhân vật như “người ngoài Trái Đất” ảnh 2

Both surprised and a little scared, Crystal reposted the image on social networks and asked everyone: “Can anyone tell me what is in the back seat of the car?”.

It turns out that many netizens also have the same opinion as Crystal. They also believe that it is a real extraterrestrial. Some others say it could be a toy mannequin, for example. But of course, no one can say for sure.

Người ngoài hành tinh có tồn tại thật không?

In fact, on Google Earth there are many random images, sometimes taken from above, or satellite images, and many users believe that Google Earth has accidentally posted many evidence of extraterrestrial life. . Over the years, many netizens have claimed that they see mysterious characters or objects in images on Google Earth/Google Maps that clearly belong to another planet. Such images are sometimes deleted, sometimes explained by Google (that the photos are merged together, blurred…), but there is no confirmation at all.

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