Japan organizes tours for ‘aliens’

Visitors who use accommodation services at 45 hotels and inns (Ryokan) and self-identify as “aliens” will receive many incentives on food and accommodation fees…

In April 2020, the Oita prefectural government (Japan) signed a cooperation agreement with the American company Virgin Orbit LLC to “turn” Oita airport into a “spaceport”, serving flights flying into space by small artificial satellites.

Là địa danh nổi tiếng với những suối nước nóng, tỉnh Oita khởi động tour du lịch mới lạ nhằm thu hút du khách vào 16-12 vừa qua.

From there, a tourism campaign was born based on the idea of “aliens” to stimulate local tourism, when activities here were affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and natural disasters.

Accordingly, visitors to the province and using accommodation services at 45 hotels and inns (Ryokan) need to identify themselves as “aliens” and will receive many incentives on food and rest fees. … Even a dish called “space drink” was created to serve diners who think they are real “aliens”.

Linh vật

The promotional image for this campaign is equally impressive when using mascots that are fictitious “aliens” with big, long eyes and egg-shaped heads. Advertising posters are also translated into two languages, Japanese and English, to make it more convenient for visitors to use the service.

It is known that Oita prefecture is famous for its onsen hot springs. However, the tourism situation here was seriously affected when the Covid-19 epidemic struck. Many people hope that the new combination of tradition and fantasy will bring many impressions to the tourism industry of this province.

Nhiều chủ nhà hàng, khách sạn hi vọng ý tưởng này sẽ thành công.

Ms. Setsuko Isayama (71 years old), director of Mikuma Hotel, hugged the mascot with a cheerful smile: “I am seriously thinking about alien entertainment.”

Currently, the campaign has been ongoing until February 2022.

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