Magical pillars of light pierce the Canadian sky

A Canadian resident recorded the brilliant scene created by multi-colored light columns, easily evoking the moment aliens landed on Earth.

Timmy Joe Elzinga, a resident of Ontario, Canada, recorded images of colorful pillars of light at 1:30 a.m. on January 6, according to Live Science.

“When I saw these lights piercing the sky from the bathroom window, I knew for sure they were the Northern lights. I was able to take pictures because the light was so bright,” Elzinga shared. The pillars of light began to fade after about 45 minutes, Elzinga said.

According to the US Space Agency (NASA), ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere are the cause of the light columns seen by Elzinga. On some cold winter nights, flat ice crystals high in the atmosphere can fall closer to the ground. They reflect the light emitted from cars, street lights and many other light sources, resulting in splendid columns of light appearing, shining straight into the sky.

“Like halos, pillars of light are simply collections of light from millions of ice crystals, reflecting light to your eyes or a camera,” said Les Cowley, atmospheric optics expert at Atmospheric Optics. know.

The pillars of light are quite strange so they are often mistaken for UFOs. Many reports of UFOs are actually columns of light over Niagara Falls, USA, when mist from falling water interacts with lights coming from the city.

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