Mexican Congress holds second session on ‘aliens’

The Mexican Congress has just opened another meeting to hear from researchers about a mummy-like creature with only three fingers, which they claim is evidence of non-human life.

On September 13, Mexican lawmakers had a meeting to listen to a journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan present two samples. Maussan claims two creatures found near the Nazca Lines in Peru are not related to any living creatures on Earth.

Quốc hội Mexico tổ chức phiên họp thứ hai về người ‘ngoài hành tinh’ ảnh 1

During the session on November 7, Maussan focused on proving that these two specimens were not fakes but were actually living creatures.

“No scientist says that the research results prove they are aliens, but I want to go further,” Maussan said, suggesting that it could be evidence of life forms not found on Earth.

Anthropologist Roger Zuniga, working at the National University of San Luis Gonzaga in the city of Ica (Peru), said scientists at his school have studied five similar specimens in the past four years. “They are real,” Zuniga told Reuters on the sidelines of the session.

“There was absolutely no human intervention in the physical and biological formation of these creatures,” Mr. Zuniga said, adding that he did not know where the creatures originated from.

Mr. Zuniga showed the letter that 11 researchers from San Luis Gonzaga University signed to confirm that it was not a fake, but they did not imply that the creatures were aliens.

Maussan’s first hearing was criticized by many experts because it was something the scientific community had long rejected, claiming that the specimens were made of human and animal bones.

When asked about those studies, Mr. Zuniga said that the samples may be fake, but the samples that he and fellow scientists are studying are real.

Congressman Sergio Gutierrez, a member of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Morena party, called for a law change to release all information about UFOs.

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