Mysterious blue ball floating in the sky of South America

A strange blue fireball stunned people as it swept across the South American sky, Mirror reported.

The burning fireball was seen by many people at around 6:25 p.m. on December 16 local time.

People in Colombia and Venezuela both saw this phenomenon. Many people use their phones to take photos and videos and post them on social networks.

Luis Nunes, director of the Halley Astronomy and Space Science Group at Santander University in Colombia, believes that this bright spot is actually a large meteorite.

It is known that a similar light area has appeared 3 times in Bucaramanga in the past week.

Earlier this month, in Arizona, USA, a strange UFO was also discovered flying through the clouds and “shooting” a bolt of lightning to the ground. A video of a UFO was posted by a group on Facebook, causing many people to worry that this is a sign of aliens.

Scott Waring, an alien enthusiast, said: “Arizona is a famous hotspot for UFOs and alien bases. So there is evidence that they exist. is a truly wonderful thing.

“This is an alien ship, flying through the clouds to leave earth,” he said.

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