NASA Rover Spots Legged Creature on Red Planet

As a rule, NASA is trying to hide such sensational images and immediately classified. But this time it didn’t work, someone from I didn’t overlook the employees, and the “scrupulous” information merged into public space of the Internet.


In a photo taken by a mobile research laboratory “Opportunity”, clearly visible moving on four legs some strange martian animal. So on the Red Planet, judging by everything, not only winds and solar storms walk.



Of course, NASA will now try to prove to the world to the community that this is a simple optical game, interference when shooting or still nonsense, but everyone who closely monitors the work of the rovers on Mars, they are surprised – are there too many on the Red Planet all kinds of such “optical games”? Either the eggs will fall into the frame, then obviously man-made objects, then a UFO, once even a shadow was noticed from someone behind the rover, and so on. Isn’t it too often on Mars there are filming of something or someone, absolutely not fit into the concept of a “dead planet”?



And why do you have to pretend that Mars remains lifeless planet? It seems that in this regard, NASA, like all US leaders do the same thing as they behave in relation to UFOs. Every time or pretend that nothing happening, or trying to naively prove that the most natural things, or just classified information without any a comment.


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