Pyramids in Bosnia: Ancient civilization from aliens

American historian Semir Osmanagic continued to spark a controversy when he asserted that there was an older civilization than the Egyptians who built the pyramids in Europe.
Mr Osmanagic claims he has discovered the world’s oldest pyramids in the Balkan peninsula.

Kim tự tháp ở Bosnia: Nền văn minh cổ đại từ người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 1
According to Mr. Osmanagic, the first is the Pyramid of the Moon, the largest and oldest step pyramid in the world.
Next is the Pyramid of the Sun – also known as Visocica Hill at a height of over 200m just like the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Kim tự tháp ở Bosnia: Nền văn minh cổ đại từ người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 2

The third pyramid is located on a nearby hill. All of the Pyramids, historians claim, are about 12,000 years old.
In the documentary called Amazon Prime (Pyramid Edition: Search for Truth), the documentary shows how highly developed civilizations could hypothetically receive knowledge from space like that Now, there’s an interview with Semir Osmanagic, the self-described Bosnian-American who is becoming famous as the person who discovered the existence of the Pyramid in the Bosnian town of Visoko.

After the interview, many scientists harshly criticized Mr. Osmanagic for his alternative view of the past.
However, the American historian still believes that in the past highly developed civilizations existed in cycles before 15 or 30 thousand years ago.
Mr. Osmanagic has now sparked intense debate in academic circles because of his claims about the Pyramids in Bosnia.
Some of the world’s most famous archaeologists have even called it a scam but Mr. Osmanagic stands by his opinion.

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