Stonehenge was built by aliens

Conspiracy theorists recently continued to make new arguments about the ancient stone site of Stonehenge, a megalithic monument of the Neolithic and Bronze Age near Amesbury in England.
There are many different explanations for how Stonehenge was built that have yet to be resolved.

Người ngoài hành tinh được cho là tác giả của công trình bãi đá cổ Stonehenge.

Some believe that the stones were dragged overland in boats to Salisbury by human power. But many people believe that the giant rocks were placed there with the help of aliens.

Swiss researcher Erich von Daniken recently proposed the idea of alien astronauts participating in the construction of this project.

Daniken hypothesizes that alien astronauts visited our planet in ancient times and played a role in creating Stonehenge and other megacities that were beyond human capabilities.

In his book, Daniken said: “Could God be an extraterrestrial?”.

However, another theory of those interested in aliens is that residents from space who came to Earth were the builders of Stonehenge. This structure may have copied the shape of an alien spacecraft to pay homage to extraterrestrial visitors.

Stonehenge is made up of a complex of 82 small monuments, 30 stone blocks, each weighing about 25 tons, and 5 large stones weighing up to 50 tons.

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