Strange stone suspected to be an alien spacecraft fragment

The strange stone is believed to be a fragment of a spacecraft landed by aliens on Earth in the desert near the town of Roswell, USA 70 years ago.

The Roswell Stone has been a controversial topic in the scientific community for the past 13 years. The stone was discovered by hunter Robert Ridge in September 2004 near the area where the alien encounter occurred in Roswell, according to Mirror. Conspiracy theorists believe that the stone can reveal the mystery of the origin of UFOs and aliens in the Roswell desert.

Giorgio Tsoukalos, the famous character of the show Ancient Aliens broadcast on the History Channel, once made many comments about the stone. The surface of the small stone is smooth with half of the stone’s face engraved with a mysterious symbol that many people believe is the lunar cycle.

The SecureTeam10 group specializing in UFO research posted a video about the Roswell stone on YouTube. “It’s possible that the stone is a fragment of a spacecraft during the UFO incident at Roswell. It’s also possible that it contains a mysterious energy source and somehow reached Earth,” speculated Tyler Glockner, head of the SecureTeam10 team.


The stone is said to be magnetic, but after CT scans and X-rays, scientists did not find a magnet inside the stone. Some people believe that the stone contains forms of minerals that do not exist in nature. The carving on the stone is quite similar to the giant figure in a large field in Chiseldon, England in 1996.

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