Suspicion of Russian soldiers turning to stone after shooting down a UFO in CIA files

A secret CIA document mentions 23 Russian soldiers who were turned to stone by aliens after shooting down a UFO.

The report is among thousands of secret documents published online by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), released on March 27, 1993, according to Express. The report was translated by the CIA from information published in Ukraine’s Ternopil Vechirniy newspaper.

According to the report, since 1991, many documents of the Russian Intelligence Agency (KGB) fell into the hands of the CIA, including a 250-page file on a strange unidentified flying object (UFO) attack with many images. and statements from witnesses.

The report said the flying saucer appeared above a unit training in Siberia and was shot down by a soldier with a missile. “Five short humanoid creatures with large heads and large black eyes emerged from the UFO carcass. They merged into a dazzling white ball and exploded, petrifying 23 soldiers standing nearby. There were only two The soldier survived because he stood in a covered area,” the report recounted.

The report shows that the petrified bodies of the soldiers were transferred to a secret research institute in Moscow. Experts concluded that an energy source never before known on Earth changed their body structure, turning living organisms into matter with a molecular structure similar to limestone.

However, the report in the CIA’s secret document also cited information from Canadian Weekly World News, a site specializing in sensational news at that time. “You have to be very careful with what the CIA publishes online because it could be false news,” Lionsground, a channel specializing in UFOs, recommends.

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