The famous UFO discovered by a US Navy pilot suddenly reappeared in the UK

An unidentified flying object (UFO) identical to the “UFO Tic Tac” discovered by former US Navy pilot David Fravor in 2004 while on duty on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz has reappeared – but this time it was seen again. seen in England

Ảnh cắt từ video Bộ Quốc Phòng Mỹ từng công bố về UFO mà các phi công Mỹ từng chạm trán.

This famous UFO image was captured by a witness named Lucy Jane Castle in Hinckle, southwest Leicestershire, England last week.

Lucy then posted a photo of this UFO taken at night with an enlarged version on Facebook and shared: “It (UFO) hovered for a while and in the blink of an eye it rushed away at high speed and disappeared. I haven’t seen it yet. “I’ve never seen anything of that shape before. I hastily took a photo of it standing still before it disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

In Lucy’s post, Dan Watson, a member of the group UK UFO Sightings – a group specializing in UFO hunting in the UK – also shared a photo of two strange objects similar to the UFOs that Lucy saw that he took in Swindon in 2019. last.

 UFO nổi tiếng được phi công Hải quân Mỹ phát hiện bất ngờ tái xuất ở Anh ảnh 1

The UFO that Lucy and Dan Watson photographed was said to have the same shape as the UFO former US Navy pilot David Fravor discovered in 2004 while on duty on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

 UFO nổi tiếng được phi công Hải quân Mỹ phát hiện bất ngờ tái xuất ở Anh ảnh 2

Accordingly, Lieutenant Colonel Fravor, a pilot who worked for 18 years in the US Navy, caused a stir when he shared with the media about seeing a mysterious flying object while performing a routine training mission in the area. Pacific Ocean between San Diego and Ensenada, Mexico in November 2004.

The flying object was about the same size as Fravor’s plane but had no wings and looked like an oblong chewing gum.

 UFO nổi tiếng được phi công Hải quân Mỹ phát hiện bất ngờ tái xuất ở Anh ảnh 3

“It was hovering close to the edge of the water. As I got closer, it accelerated and disappeared. Faster than anything I’ve ever seen in my life. We circled back to see what was in the water but there was nothing. There was only blue sea water,” Lieutenant Colonel Fravor recounted.

The US Department of Defense has released videos of UFOs and analysis of encounters, but questions such as what this object is or what it is doing remain a mystery.

However, some people also believe that what Lucy captured in the sky over Hinckle was not a UFO but just a completely normal plane. According to them, the digital camera actually rounded off any small elements such as the wings and tail, turning the plane’s cylindrical body into an oblong shape like a real “UFO”.

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