The most mysterious architectural works in the world, suspected of being made by aliens

There are famous architectural works that have existed for many generations, but to this day they still contain mysteries that scientists still cannot explain.

“Pyramid” under the Sea of Japan

Những công trình kiến trúc bí ẩn nhất thế giới, nghi của người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 1

The Yonaguni architectural complex was discovered in 1985, off the coast of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan. This place has been the subject of controversy for over 30 years.

In the center of the complex today is a 27m high pyramid, surrounded by 10 smaller structures. The Yonaguni complex is located at a depth of 30m below the water surface, so experienced divers can still access it. Schools of large hammerhead sharks often swim here during their migration from November to June every year.

After many years of research, divers have discovered long roads, large avenues, large staircase structures, archway structures, and giant stone blocks that are precisely and meticulously carved. . The giant staircase here was built from a series of 1m high stone layers, like pyramid steps. Therefore, local people always think that this is a giant structure like a pyramid on the seabed but not built by humans.

Rocks light the way in Georgia

Những công trình kiến trúc bí ẩn nhất thế giới, nghi của người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 2

Have you ever thought what would happen if our entire civilization and everything we have worked so hard to build were wiped out? Georgia Guidestones are man-made guides for future generations.

The most mysterious construction project in America is located in the northeast of Georgie state, in a deserted land. Those are 5 giant shiny blocks of stone, forming a star shape, rising towering into the sky. When approaching it, people immediately think of the giant rocks in England’s Stonehenge, or the monolith in the movie Space Odyssey. Built in 1980, are these blue-gray rocks quietly waiting… for the Apocalypse?

The stones are carved in eight languages: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, expressing the ideals of a new age. Such as: “Let’s move towards wise production to improve health and diversity”; “Appreciate the truth of beauty and love by seeking harmony with infinity.”…

It is believed that Guidestones are instructions for survivors in an upcoming “great tribulation”. The man calling himself “R. C. Christian” represents an entire anonymous group that believes that human civilization is about to destroy itself, so they decide to leave instructions for those left on Earth.

Drawings on the Nazca plateau – Peru

Những công trình kiến trúc bí ẩn nhất thế giới, nghi của người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 3

Scientists have discovered that in the arid desert of about 500 square kilometers between the towns of Nazca and Palpa in Peru, there are more than 300 drawings of animals such as hummingbirds, monkeys, spiders, lizards, mazes, and people. or other strange geometric shapes. These drawings date back to 1,000 BC or longer.

These images have a very large area, and their shapes can only be seen from the air through an airplane.

These line drawings have existed for 3,000 years without being destroyed. It is estimated that it is difficult for modern science and technology to carry out these types of projects, let alone thousands of years ago.

According to ancient astronaut theorists, the drawings were used to orient spacecraft as they arrived and landed, with the large line serving as the runway.

Meanwhile, archaeologists believe that they were created by an ancient sect for the purpose of performing sacrifices, praying to the gods to give water to this arid land.

The “stone giant” on Easter Island

Những công trình kiến trúc bí ẩn nhất thế giới, nghi của người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 4

Easter Island is a famous island with 887 giant stone statues of human faces (called Moai), belonging to Chile in the Southeast Pacific Ocean. It is known that these statues were created by the ancient Rapa Nui people.

Moai statues weigh up to 75 tons and are about 10 meters tall, with one statue weighing 270 tons and 21 meters high.

This area is currently one of the rare beaches on the island, which is rugged and rocky. To this day, science is still troubled by the question of why the Rapa Nui people built the Moai statues, and how they moved the giant statues buried throughout the island.

Những công trình kiến trúc bí ẩn nhất thế giới, nghi của người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 5

Many people believe that Moai statues simply have only their heads protruding from the ground and nothing more. However, a recent discovery shows that the Moai statues are buried deep underground than what appears on the surface.

According to von Daniken, the island’s population of several thousand people would not be capable of manufacturing, moving and erecting them, if it were not for the abilities of alien astronauts.

Puma Punku – a more impressive structure than the Egyptian pyramids

Những công trình kiến trúc bí ẩn nhất thế giới, nghi của người ngoài hành tinh ảnh 6

Puma Punku is located in Tiwanaku of Bolivia. The giant stone slabs are intricately sculpted, perpendicular, and have smooth surfaces like large, carefully planed wooden bars.

These sites dating from 536 – 600 are made up of granite and diorite, whose hardness is second only to diamond. If you look closely at the stones, you can see some complex stone structures, as if they were created by machines or even laser cutting equipment.

Many rocks have straight patterns, absolutely uniform depth and are placed tightly together like a solid block of stone. Researchers do not understand why it is possible to have precise works on such a large scale, even with current laser engraving technology it is still difficult to perform this type of work.

Puma Punku is located at an altitude of about 4,500 meters above sea level, trees can hardly grow to make wooden rollers, while the quarry is located hundreds of kilometers away. Thus, moving stone slabs weighing hundreds of tons to this area was unthinkable at that time.

Many people believe in the theory that aliens with advanced techniques have created massive structures, or at least they advised indigenous people to build them. Construction researchers also believe that, in terms of complexity and high technical requirements of the project, the pyramids in ancient Egypt are too simple compared to the ruins at Puma Punku.

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