The truth about alien corpses causes shock in China

A Chinese farmer once caused a stir when he announced that he had found the body of an alien scorched by electric shock.
According to Metro, immediately after announcing the discovery of an alien body, the man posted a photo of a strange creature for the purpose of proof.

Sự thật xác người ngoài hành tinh gây rúng động ở Trung Quốc

A man surnamed Li living in Tan Chau city, Shandong province, said he discovered the body of an alien who had been electrocuted in a trap used to catch rabbits.

“I was installing an electric trap when I saw a strange light in the sky over the Yellow River area, Tan Chau city,” Li said. “Looking up high, I saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) floating.”

“The five aliens slowly jumped to the ground. But an alien encountered an electrical trap. The others then boarded the spaceship and flew away,” Li added.

After posting a photo of an “alien corpse” placed in a freezer, Li immediately attracted widespread attention, with thousands of comments.

Li also asserted that his story was true and that DNA test results showed that the strange creature did not come from Earth.

To make the story more thrilling, Li also said that the police blocked the information and asked him to keep quiet.

Five days after posting the photo, Li was arrested by the police. From there, Li confessed that the alien body was in fact fake, made from rubber and other materials.

Police said Li was arrested for “disturbing public order”. The Chinese man also admitted his wrongdoing. The cost for Li to create a fake alien body was about 360,000 VND.

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