UFO ‘hot spot’ mystery decoded after more than 200 encounters with flying objects

From March to April 2020 alone, there were 192 reported cases of UFO encounters in Yorkshire (UK). In total, there have been more than 200 reported cases of UFO encounters recorded in this area over the years.
The most recent UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) encounter occurred on June 9 this year in Leeds, West Yorkshire when two thin, black and long curved triangles were seen flying above in the air and then stopped in mid-air at around 12:55, Yorkshire Live reported.

Việc chạm trán UFO ở Yorkshire đã được báo cáo từ những năm 1990.

Brian, a local paranormal investigator, claims to have come across several UFOs while exploring abandoned buildings at night.

According to the Daily Mail, local investigators including Brian believe that the abundance of abandoned military bases in Yorkshire may be the reason why this place has become a UFO “hotspot”.

Bí ẩn 'điểm nóng' UFO được giải mã sau hơn 200 lần chạm trán vật thể bay ảnh 1

“They (UFOs) were attracted to Yorkshire because the mountain peak we were on had a superior altitude compared to other parts of the country. In addition, there is a large space and a series of abandoned and unused old military bases,” Brian said.

“There are hundreds of military bases, bunkers, airports of the British Air Force (RAF)… abandoned. Many such locations are not known to people because they are well hidden,” Brian said.

“Mainly these locations are only visited by urban explorers, paranormal enthusiasts who come to shoot videos or people who love history and believe in UFOs come to explore,” Brian added.

Bí ẩn 'điểm nóng' UFO được giải mã sau hơn 200 lần chạm trán vật thể bay ảnh 2

The paranormal investigator also said that just a few weeks ago, his team discovered 4 UFOs in one night. Brian said that it couldn’t be a commercial plane “because they were flying in the same straight line right next to each other”.

Ellen Dean, who lives in the village of Fearby, also revealed that she witnessed mysterious lights in her back garden in March 2020 and believed that the lights were not from a low-flying aircraft from the RAF station. lantern.

Ash Ellis, a local conspiracy theorist – owner of the website UFO Identified – specializing in posting stories and reports about UFOs, also said that Yorkshire has many military bases so it can attract UFOs.

“History shows that UFOs are often seen around military bases or nuclear facilities. Therefore, if they make a “reconnaissance” visit to us, they may be particularly interested in our weapons and technology,” Ellis speculated.

However, Ellis also noted that UFO does not necessarily mean alien spacecraft, but could be anything currently unidentified.

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