US authorities admit the possibility of an extraterrestrial probe

Pentagon (US) authorities believe that extraterrestrial mother ships are right in our Solar System and may have sent probes to Earth, similar to the way Earthlings send probes to other planets.
In a newly released draft document, Pentagon authorities (USA) wrote that extraterrestrials may be in our Solar System and are launching small probes, Just like NASA (US Space Agency) still does when researching other planets.

Nhà chức trách Mỹ thừa nhận khả năng có tàu thăm dò của người ngoài Trái Đất ảnh 1

In that research document, the authors are Sean Kirkpatrick – Director of the Pentagon’s All-Area Anomalies Office (AARO), and Abraham Loeb – Chairman of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University. small probes called “dandelion seeds” and it was suggested that they could be separated from the parent ship by “the tidal gravity of the Sun, or by manoeuvrability.”

In fact, more and more scientists believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and think that people from civilization(s) in distant space may have already approached Earth.

Nhà chức trách Mỹ thừa nhận khả năng có tàu thăm dò của người ngoài Trái Đất ảnh 2

According to NASA reports, there have been many strange objects discovered that cannot be explained.

For example, in October 2017, NASA’s telescope discovered a strange space object, later named ‘Oumuamua, which is Hawaiian for “scout ship”. This object appears flat, long like a cigarette, pushed away from the Sun without a tail like a comet. Therefore, scientists believe that it is an artificial object.

But 6 months before ‘Oumuamua’s closest approach to Earth, another object, about 1 meter long, named IM2, crashed into Earth at a very strange speed, but with the same shape as ‘ Oumuamua.

Nhà chức trách Mỹ thừa nhận khả năng có tàu thăm dò của người ngoài Trái Đất ảnh 3

The authors of the above study explain: “With the right design, these small probes will reach Earth or other planets in the Solar System to explore, when the mother ship passes by in the mid-range. Earth and Sun – as ‘Oumuamua did. Astronomers won’t be able to see the launch of a series of small probes because they don’t reflect enough sunlight to be detected by current telescopes.”

Thus, while we are exploring other planets, it is possible that people from a certain planet are also learning about life on Earth.

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